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If I forget my password, how do I access my account?

You can reset your password online. You will be asked for your User ID, ZIP code, and the e-mail address associated with your account.

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How do I change my AT&T Customer Center password?

For your protection and convenience, you can change your password at any time. Log In with your current User ID and Password, then select Your Account Settings from the top navigation. Look under Password Options on this page to change your password.

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How do I view my payment history?

Log In to the AT&T Customer Center, then select the Payment History tab at the top of the page. Information about your prior bills and payment history will be presented in an easy-to-read chart. This chart contains up to 6 months of prior payment information and it also links to your current bill and up to 2 months of prior bills for your AT&T residential account. History for bill date and amount due may not be available for all customers.

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Why should I obtain a User ID and Password?

You can use your User ID and Password to access the secure area of the Customer Center to view and pay your bill, order plans and services, and perform other activities. Get a User ID and Password.

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How does AT&T protect my privacy?

We have a long-standing privacy policy protecting our customers. AT&T has a responsibility to protect the confidentiality of any information transmitted to AT&T and to safeguard the use of information that customers may reasonably expect us to keep private.

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How do I access my account?

To access your AT&T residential service account, log in to the AT&T Customer Center with your User ID and Password. Your User ID is based on your area code and phone number; no dashes or spaces are needed. Your Password is at least 6 characters long and contains both numbers and letters.

If you don't have a User ID and Password, visit the Customer Center and click on First Time User. Then follow the simple steps to set up your online account.

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Why do I sometimes get logged out of my account?

For your protection, you are automatically logged out if you have been inactive in the secure area for more than 15 minutes. In order to access your account again, you will be asked to re-enter your User ID and Password.

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I received an error message telling me that I must accept cookies in order to log in to the AT&T Customer Center. What does this mean?

The AT&T Customer Center requires that you accept cookies for secure, personalized access to your account. A cookie is a package of information that identifies you as a returning visitor to a Web site. AT&T Customer Center cookies contain information about you and your preferences, such as how you would like to be greeted when you visit. The cookies are stored on your computer and the data held in them is sent to the Customer Center when you visit to allow us to create a personalized Web experience for you.

Accepting cookies is safe for your computer, and cookies from the AT&T Customer Center cannot be recognized or used by any other Web site. Learn how to adjust your browser settings to accept cookies.

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Is AT&T Online Billing available for my business accounts, too?

Yes. AT&T also offers online billing to help you manage your business accounts. For more informaton, visit the AT&T Business e-Servicing site.

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