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I replaced my answering machine with AT&T VoiceMail Service, so why is my service not working properly?

If your AT&T VoiceMail Service does not work properly, please make sure that you have removed any equipment connected to your answering machine, or if you have a telephone with a built-in answering machine, be sure to turn off the answering machine. If after disconnecting all answering related equipment, your AT&T VoiceMail Service still does not work properly, contact an AT&T Local Repair Representative.

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Why are callers not being forwarded to my voicemail service?

First, confirm if your local service plan has the "Call Forward Variable" feature. If you have the feature, your voicemail service will only work if the feature is not active. To deactivate the feature, key in 73# using your touch-tone phone. Your voicemail service should now be working properly. If the issue continues or for additional assistance, contact an AT&T Local Repair Representative.

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Why are callers unable to leave a message when the call is forwarded to a number with AT&T VoiceMail Service?

The AT&T VoiceMail Service has never supported this function. Voicemail boxes are designed to support one telephone number per voicemail box.

Please keep in mind, you can add AT&T VoiceMail Service; this way you will never miss an important message. To add voicemail to all your existing AT&T Local Service telephone numbers, contact an AT&T Local Service Representative.

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