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How do I view my payment history?

Log In to the AT&T Customer Center, then select the Payment History tab at the top of the page. Information about your prior bills and payment history will be presented in an easy-to-read chart. This chart contains up to 6 months of prior payment information and it also links to your current bill and up to 2 months of prior bills for your AT&T residential account. History for bill date and amount due may not be available for all customers.

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What if no payment history is shown?

Payment information is only shown for payments that you made directly to AT&T. If you previously paid for your AT&T charges as part of a combined bill from another phone company, those payments are not reflected here. Please allow at least 5 days for payments to post to your account and appear in your Payment History.

In addition, you may be temporarily unable to access your Payment History while we are performing periodic systems maintenance.

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Why is the same payment shown multiple times?

Your Payment History reflects both payments we have received and payment attempts you have made. It also reflects each attempt AT&T makes to re-process a rejected payment. We may attempt to re-process a rejected payment if your check is returned by your bank or if your credit card issuer does not authorize the previous payment request. Of course, even though the same payment may be shown multiple times in your Payment History, you are only actually charged once.

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