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Forward calls to another number if the call is not answered within specified number of rings. You must stipulate the forwarded telephone number (7 or 10-digit number, including 800 numbers) and the number of rings (between 2 and 7) at the time of your service request. The "1" is automatically dialed when required. Only an AT&T representative can activate or deactivate this feature. Feature is automatically included with AT&T VoiceMail Service and AT&T VoiceMail Service Plus orders.

To Activate

  • This feature is activated upon ordering, callers are automatically sent to the number you specified when ordering the service
    • When the service is ordered, you can designate the telephone number to which the calls will be forwarded
  • When service is ordered in conjunction with AT&T VoiceMail Service or AT&T VoiceMail Plus Service, the activation number is programmed by AT&T

To Deactivate

  • Feature may only be deactivated by an AT&T Customer Service Representative
  • Feature cannot be deactivated when ordered in conjunction with AT&T VoiceMail Service


  • When used with Custom Ring, both the main number and the custom ring number are forwared
  • Other Call Forwarding features takes precedence